Imorgon är det dags – då ska Sveriges nästa representant för Eurovision Song Contest 2017 koras i en stor final i Friends Arena. Poplight har tjuvstartat och satt ihop en egen ”internationell jury” bestående av 11 jurymedlemmar som bedömer finalfältet och här kan ni se deras poäng!

Som bekant vet vi att i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2017 kommer totalt 11 internationella jurygrupper i Europa att dela ut hälften av poängen i morgondagens final. Vi på Poplight vill inte vara sämre – så vi har själva satt ihop en egen internationell jury, bestående av totalt 11 jurygrupper… från hela Europa + Australien!

Vi har alltså samlat ihop 11 Eurovision-experter från hela världen som har fått i uppdrag för Poplight att kolla på alla 12 bidragen som tävlar på lördag, där de sedan har poängsatt hela finalfältet utefter vilka bidrag de tror kan ge Sverige en så bra placering i Eurovision Song Contest som möjligt – precis som i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2017! De har dessutom blivit ombedda att skriva en motivering till sina 12-poängare, som ni också kommer att få läsa.

Listan – de är med i Poplights internationella jury!

  • AUSTRALIEN: Kath Lockett (frilansskribent, författare & PR inom Eurovision & Junior Eurovision)
  • DANMARK: Ole Tøpholm (Eurovision-kommentator för DR)
  • IRLAND: Garrett Mulhall (grundare och chefredaktör för
  • MALTA: Emil Calleja Bayliss (låtskrivare)
  • NEDERLÄNDERNA: Isanne Yard (producent)
  • RYSSLAND: Daria Syrkova (redaktör för ESCbubble)
  • SPANIEN: Adrián Valiente Magán (redaktör för
  • STORBRITANNIEN: Glen Bartlett (radio-DJ, värd för W12P)
  • TYSKLAND: Juergen Boernig (radio-DJ, värd för Eurovision Radio International)
  • UKRAINA: Konstantin Hudov (Marketing Communications Manager på Euromedia)
  • UNGERN: Ervin Juhász (chefredaktör för ESCbubble)

Så röstade Poplights internationella jury:

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
Australien - 8 - 12 - 10 6 - 2 4 1 -
Danmark 4 - - 6 12 - 10 1 2 8 - -
Irland 10 8 - 12 - - 1 - 4 6 2 -
Malta 4 - - 8 12 - 2 - 6 10 - 1
Nederländerna 2 6 1 8 4 - 12 - - 10 - -
Ryssland - - 2 12 6 8 4 1 10 - - -
Spanien 1 - - 12 - 4 6 - 10 8 2 -
Storbritannien - - 2 10 - - 12 - 4 6 8 1
Tyskland 6 1 - 10 - 2 12 - 4 8 - -
Ukraina 2 - - 12 - 1 10 - 6 8 4 -
Ungern - 8 - 4 12 - 2 - 6 1 - 10
TOTALT 29 31 5 106 46 25 77 2 54 69 17 12

#1 – Ace Wilder – ”Wild Child”
#2 – Boris René – ”Her Kiss”
#3 – Lisa Ajax – ”I Don’t Give A”
#4 – Robin Bengtsson – ”I Can’t Go On”
#5 – Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – ”En värld full av strider”
#6 – Anton Hagman – ”Kiss You Goodbye”
#7 – Mariette – ”A Million Years”
#8 – Felix, Oscar & Omar / FO&O – ”Gotta Thing About You”
#9 – Nano – ”Hold On”
#10 – Wiktoria – ”As I Lay Me Down”
#11 – Benjamin Ingrosso – ”Good Lovin'”
#12 – Owe Thörnqvist – ”Boogieman Blues”

Så motiverar juryn

Australien (Kath Lockett), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– Despite obviously having to change the line ”When you look this fucking beautiful”, it’s a really catchy, modern pop song sung by a cute guy. It will appeal to most viewers.

Danmark (Ole Tøpholm), gav 12 poäng till Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia:

– I don’t remember when I last cried to a Eurovision/Melodifestivalen-song. And you know when you listen to a potential Eurovision winner. This is your chance, Sweden, if you want to win it again.  The emotions in this song are very beautiful, and I am extremely touched, although I don’t understand the lyrics. Bravo and fantastic.
Many of the songs in this final of the Melodifestivalen can do great in the Eurovision, but only this one can win. #sweden12points

Irland (Garrett Mulhall), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– Am I thinking with my loins or my ears, I’m not rightly sure when I look at Robin’s performance of ”I Can’t Go On”. It’s like deja vu all over again as I am still convinced that Robin should have represented Sweden last year as he had the best song. The man has gone and done it again.

Look you have 3 minutes to make an impression on the public and the juries across Europe. Robin looks as sharp as a razor blade in his suit and his vocals are on point. I don’t think the man knows how to sing a note off key! ‘I Can’t Go On’ is a song bomb. It just explodes with that Electro/RnB vibe that makes him look and sound like Justin Bieber’s older, sexier and more talented brother! Stroke of genius starting the performance backstage as you think that you are getting to see Robin the man and not Robin the Eurovision performer. It gives him some gravitas as a real performer.

His troop of dancers cut some serous moves that give Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ a run for it’s money. As for the treadmill – well it makes me look at the machine when I’m in the gym in a whole new light. This makes the peroformance look slick and not gimmicky – which is a danger if you were a uni-cycle juggling backing singer for Moldova in 2011. Robin just has it all and I think if Sweden sends him to Kyiv – Eurovision will think he’s ”Fucking Beautiful” too. So 12 points goes to Robin Mulhall – oops sorry Bengtsson!

Malta (Emil Calleja Bayliss), gav 12 poäng till Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia:

– I’ll be passing on my 12 points to Jon Henrik Fjallgren ft. Aninia because I honestly believe this song is truly magical as it manages to bring something authentic and different. It sounds so beautiful and they deliver a strong performance that will surely will make Sweden proud in Kyiv.

Nederländerna (Isanne Yard), gav 12 poäng till Mariette:

– It was a tough choice between Wiktoria and Mariette. I think Wiktoria would do better if she sings better! Her song is so difficult to sing LIVE, but her voice itself is amazing, the song is catchy as well, but when she doesn’t hit the notes it is so false that people won’t like it that much anymore. And people will hear that.. It’s like Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey who don’t hit those high notes… Wiktoria’s voice needs to carry the song… Mariette’s song is SO powerful and pop-ish, and then the act is amazing so people in the audience and at home would love it.

It’s actually a mainstream song that could be play on any radio-channel and that everyone would like! The instruments in the song are nice and it’s easy to sing a long! Next to that Mariette’s voice is easy to listen to! She even has that Swedish accent-ish which is very cute and it’s sounds typical scandinavian. This song will do well in all the music charts! And it’s a song you can play a ten times without getting sick of it!… and Mariette looks cool and very likeable. I am sure Europe will love this song and the act.

Ryssland (Daria Syrkova), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– Catchy radio song, nailed dance performance, handsome guy with some kind of charisma and of course a gimmick – treadmills – this is the perfect formula to place high in Eurovision. It was the first performance that I wanted to re-watch once again. It’s not my most favorite song, but the whole package is definitely the best for the contest.

Spanien (Adrián Valiente Magán), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– Well, Sweden, what have you done with Loreen? You have truly missed out one of your best chances to get the 7th win at the Eurovision! Aside from it, I must admit that the song that would do much better at the contest among all the finalist would be Robin Bengtsson and that’s why I gave my top 12 points to him.

Why? He’s got the look, he’s got a tune that could a pan-european or even worldwide hit that could be played on every music radio station and the performance is really effective and of course don’t let the coolness and freshness of the whole thing behind. It’s all about the whole package. It also reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling which has always been so much praised among the fans since it was performed during last year’s Eurovision grand final.

If he’s not taking it, I would say that Nano, Wiktoria, Mariette, Anton Hagman or Benjamin Ingrosso could also lead Sweden to the top this year. It’s a matter of the whole thing that every has on their own, everyone of them is amazing on their own style.
May the best song on Saturday win!

Storbritannien (Glen Bartlett), gav 12 poäng till Mariette:

– Overall a very fun, diverse Melodifestivalen 2017 final, showing that Sweden have certainly taken on board the slogan for this year’s contest! Interestingly this year, I felt the entries were either very good or very bad – with Mariette coming out on top (as much as I’d love Owe to grace the Eurovision stage!). I liked the slickness of Robin and the sweetness of Benjamin, but Mariette has class and a new staging concept that hasn’t been seen or used at Eurovision before. It’s certainly memorable and she definitely has the best vocal of the competition – that’s why she’s getting my 12.
Good luck, Sweden!

Tyskland (Juergen Boernig), gav 12 poäng till Mariette:

– Hi this is JP from Radio International. Our weekly Eurovision radio show is produced in English in the Netherlands and airs live on Wednesday evenings from 2000 – 2300 hours with lots of Eurovision and national final music past and present and interviews with Eurovision performers.

I have been asked to judge the songs not if I like them but more on how suitable the songs are for a possible good result at the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been ringing with myself doing this job as I have 6 acts I would see doing well for Sweden at Eurovision. These I have ranked in the Top 6 in my listing.

After very careful consideration and watching the videos again I think that the best act to send to Kiev and the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 would be Mariette with ”A Million Years”. Mariette has made a name internationally and she already had a great result in her first attempt in 2015 when she came third with ”Don’t stop” believing”. Also we saw her on the Eurovision-screen reading out the Swedish vote.

Her entry this year has a great sound and also since Eurovision is not only a Song Contest but in the meanwhile also become a Show Contest the performance package is quite attracting to the viewers eyes and is it very well performed. She gives a good presence on stage and definitely can sing.

Like I mentioned earlier – I could live with the Top 6 in this edition of Melodifestivalen. Also Robin Bengtsson has surprised me with the change of the beautiful ”Constellation Prize” from 2016 to ”I can’t go on”. This also has Eurovision written all over and could do well in Kiev.

Anyway, good luck to all acts on Saturday as well as to the viewers who go to the Friends Arena or watching at home – Have a Happy MelFest 2017.

Ungern (Ervin Juhász), gav 12 poäng till Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia:

– Even though Boris René is my personal favorite when listening to the songs, I think that Jon Henrik and Aninia have offered something very special and unique, and thus they are the ones I could see best in Eurovision. The melody of their song is very haunting, powerful, and both of them are fantastic vocalists. I think that of the 12 acts they are the ones who would score best in Eurovision.

Ukraina (Konstantin Hudov), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– 12 points go to Robin Bengtsson ”I Can’t Go On”. It’s a very difficult final with no clear winner. This entry is very Eurovision polished and the staging looks just right. Not so sure what are you gonna do with “fucking” on Eurovision stage in case he wins.

Hela resultatlistan

  1. Robin Bengtsson – ”I Can’t Go On”: 106 poäng
  2. Mariette – ”A Million Years”: 77 poäng
  3. Wiktoria – ”As I Lay Me Down”: 69 poäng
  4. Nano – ”Hold On”: 54 poäng
  5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – ”En värld full av strider”: 46 poäng
  6. Boris René – ”Her Kiss”: 31 poäng
  7. Ace Wilder – ”Wild Child”: 29 poäng
  8. Anton Hagman – ”Kiss You Goodbye”: 25 poäng
  9. Benjamin Ingrosso – ”Good Lovin'”: 17 poäng
  10. Owe Thörnqvist – ”Boogieman Blues”: 12 poäng
  11. Lisa Ajax – ”I Don’t Give A”: 5 poäng
  12. Felix, Oscar & Omar / FO&O – ”Gotta Thing About You”: 2 poäng

OBS! Dessa poäng, och alla motiveringar, är alltså från Poplights Internationella Jury och är inte densamma som den internationella jury som kommer att vara med i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2017.

Tidigare vinnare i Poplights egna internationella jury var Måns Zelmerlöw (2015) och Frans (2016).

(c) Peppe Andersson, Poplight

(c) Peppe Andersson, Poplight