Imorgon är det dags – då ska Sveriges nästa representant för Eurovision Song Contest 2016 koras i en stor final i Friends Arena. Poplight har tjuvstartat och satt ihop en egen ”internationell jury” bestående av 11 jurymedlemmar som bedömer finalfältet och här kan ni se deras poäng!

Som bekant vet vi att i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2016 kommer totalt 11 internationella jurygrupper i Europa att dela ut hälften av poängen i morgondagens final. Vi på Poplight vill inte vara sämre – så vi har själva satt ihop en ”internationell jury”, bestående av totalt 11 jurygrupper… från hela Europa + Australien!

Vi har alltså samlat ihop 11 Eurovision-experter från hela världen som har fått i uppdrag för Poplight att kolla på alla 12 bidragen som tävlar på lördag, där de sedan har poängsatt hela finalfältet, precis som i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2016! De har dessutom blivit ombedda att skriva en motivering till sina 12-poängare, som ni också kommer att få läsa.

Listan – de är med i Poplights internationella jury!

  • AUSTRALIEN: Kath Lockett (frilansskribent, författare & PR inom Eurovision & Junior Eurovision)
  • DANMARK: Ole Tøpholm (Eurovision-kommentator för DR)
  • IRLAND: Garrett Mulhall (grundare och chefredaktör för
  • MALTA: Emil Calleja Bayliss (låtskrivare)
  • NEDERLÄNDERNA: Isanne Yard (producent)
  • RYSSLAND: Daria Syrkova (redaktör för ESCbubble)
  • SPANIEN: Adrián Valiente Magán (redaktör för
  • STORBRITANNIEN: Glen Bartlett (radio-DJ, värd för W12P)
  • TYSKLAND: Juergen Boernig (radio-DJ, värd för Eurovision Radio International)
  • UKRAINA: Konstantin Hudov (Marketing Communications Manager på Euromedia)
  • UNGERN: Ervin Juhász (chefredaktör för ESCbubble)

Så röstade Poplights internationella jury:

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
Australien 6 - 4 - 2 8 - - 10 12 1 -
Danmark - - 6 - 10 1 8 2 - 12 - 4
Irland 4 - - - 1 10 12 - 8 6 2 -
Malta - - - 8 - 6 4 1 2 12 10 -
Nederländerna 6 8 2 10 12 - - 4 1 - - -
Ryssland 8 - - 2 4 6 10 - 1 12 - -
Spanien - 4 - - 10 1 2 12 - 8 6 -
Storbritannien - - - 1 12 - 4 6 2 8 10 -
Tyskland - - 1 2 - 8 12 10 - - 4 6
Ukraina - 2 - - 10 6 8 4 1 12 - -
Ungern - - 6 - 12 8 4 2 1 - 10 -
TOTALT 24 14 19 23 73 54 64 41 26 82 43 10

#1 – Panetoz – ”Håll om mig hårt”
#2 – Lisa Ajax – ”My heart wants me dead”
#3 – David Lindgren – ”We are your tomorrow”
#4 – SaRaha – ”Kizunguzungu”
#5 – Oscar Zia – ”Human”
#6 – Ace Wilder – ”Don’t Worry”
#7 – Robin Bengtsson – ”Constellation Prize”
#8 – Molly Sandén – ”Youniverse”
#9 – Boris René – ”Put your love on me”
#10 – Frans – ”If I were sorry”
#11 – Wiktoria – ”Save me”
#12 – Samir & Viktor  – ”Bada nakna”

Så motiverar juryn

Australien (Kath Lockett), gav 12 poäng till Frans:

Frans – adorable looking (that mole by his mouth – I’m sure everyone would like to kiss that), really great melody and easy to sing along and clap along to.

Danmark (Ole Tøpholm), gav 12 poäng till Frans:

– Hvis Sverige ønsker at kæmpe om 1. pladsen i Eurovision igen, så er det her den rette sang. ”If I were sorry” er perfekt og står i skærende kontrast til alle sange, der har vilde sceneshows, masser af dansere på scenen og et hav af lyseffekter. ”If I Were Sorry” er enkel og skøn. Eurovision behøver denne her sang. #sweden12points

Irland (Garrett Mulhall), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– Another tough call to pick my favourite this year at Melodifestivalen so another job well done by SVT and Papa Schlager aka Christer Bjorkman (he let’s me call him that). My 12 points goes to Robin Bengtsson as from the first time I heard the song 5 weeks ago I fell in love with the soulful harmonica in the song – a totally underrated instrument that we should hear more of at Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. He can certainly blow that instrument!

As I know I am among friends here I will admit that I also fell in love with Robin’s sultry voice and his come to bed eyes from day one. He knows how to perform to the camera and makes you think that he is singing just to you despite 10 thousand other people in the arena – I wish they would give us some alone time!

What I also like about the song ‘Constellation Prize’ is that unlike others in the Melodifestivalen final what you hear on the stage is what you would hear at Eurovision as a LOT of this year’s songs rely TOO heavy on backing vocals that they would never be able to reproduce on a live Eurovision stage and I don’t want the contest to go down that X-Factor road of auto tune averload!

So for his amazing song, harmonica and stage presence Robin is my Melfest Man!

Malta (Emil Calleja Bayliss), gav 12 poäng till Frans:

– I gave my 12 points to Frans’ ‘If I Were Sorry’ because I took an immediate liking to the song. It’s instant and that is something you cannot overlook at Eurovision. Frans’ entry is the type of song that you find in the charts, simple yet effective lyrics with a great hook. All the right ingredients to achieve Eurovision success.

Nederländerna (Isanne Yard), gav 12 poäng till Oscar Zia:

– This guy is amazing. He was born to perform and his voice is perfect for the well written song. And then then the staging is nice too. I think Oscar or Lisa will do perfectly in Stockholm for Eurovision 2016, but a huge part of me hopes Sweden will send a catchy act like Saraha’s or the guys from Paneteoz but probably that won’t happen this year.

Ryssland (Daria Syrkova), gav 12 poäng till Frans:

– When a simple song can touch a listener it becomes a big hit like ”When I Held Ya” a few years ago. But this year Melodifestivalen is full of songs other than simple with few exceptions. ”If I Were Sorry” is like a breath of fresh air in the contest of songs with too much going on in them. ”If I Were Sorry” seems to be the winner on Saturday and a good entry for the home edition of Eurovision.

Spanien (Adrián Valiente Magán), gav 12 poäng till Molly Sandén:

– Even though I think Frans is taking it on Saturday, I’m giving my 12 points to the song it reached me the most this year and one of the Swedish artists I’ve always loved to see in Eurovision, Molly Sandén. The song reminds me of Euphoria, if we talk about how the song is musically built, it is modern, contemporary, catchy and touching. I would see Sweden doing very well in May if this is their Eurovision-song. The performance is not what I fully expected but everything can always be improved. She vocally delivers the song perfectly as it could be also check in 2009 and 2012. Well done Sweden, you have an interesting and high standard of songs in your national final!

Storbritannien (Glen Bartlett), gav 12 poäng till Oscar Zia:

– Oscar’s song ‘Human’, in my opinion, has the most suitable and appropriate message for modern day Europe at the moment. Although Oscar has publicly talked about how the song’s story is about his journey of self-discovery, one can’t help but connect this song to the recent refugee crisis in Europe, especially when the opening line of the chorus simply tells us: ‘If you think we’re human, then think once again.’ A very timely message.
The performance is shot very effectively and Oscar’s stage presence is powerful. This would be a great song not only to represent Sweden, but it has the potential to be an anthem for the whole of Europe.

Tyskland (Juergen Boernig), gav 12 poäng till Robin Bengtsson:

– The 12 points from Eurovision Radio International go to Robin Bengtsson. Robin came third in the 2008 Idols in Sweden and the fact that he qualified direct to Friends for the Melodifestivalen 2016 Final indicates that this is a great entry liked by the public. I remembered this song from the first Semi Final and instantly liked it and was singing it the whole week. Robin sings it excellently and does a simple performance which in fact is very effective. He does it with his charisma, voice and looks. No side show actually needed. I wish him and the other 11 participants all the best of luck for the competition and most of all a lot of fun. Thank you SVT for showing Europe how a proper music contest is produced nationa-wide.

Ungern (Ervin Juhász), gav 12 poäng till Oscar Zia:

– I gave 12 to Oscar Zia because it is by far the best song in this selection – it is very modern, has a great melody, a very strong message, and his voice sounds powerful. Also, even though it has the simplest staging in MF with no gimmick, it works best.

Ukraina (Konstantin Hudov), gav 12 poäng till Frans:

– Even though Frans with ‘If I Were Sorry’ got caught up in plagiarism scandal, this the most exciting song from Melodifestivalen final. You are struggling with understanding some parts of the lyrics but same time it’s kind of cute. This is not a winning song but not that typical Eurovision song either. It might do very well just cos it’s so different and performed by a very young and cute singer.

Hela resultatlistan

  1. Frans – ”If I were sorry”: 82 poäng
  2. Oscar Zia – ”Human”: 73 poäng
  3. Robin Bengtsson – ”Constellation Prize”: 64 poäng
  4. Ace Wilder – ”Don’t Worry”: 54 poäng
  5. Wiktoria – ”Save me”: 43 poäng
  6. Molly Sandén – ”Youniverse”: 41 poäng
  7. Boris René – ”Put your love on me”: 26 poäng
  8. Panetoz – ”Håll om mig hårt”: 24 poäng
  9. SaRaha – ”Kizunguzungu”: 23 poäng
  10. David Lindgren – ”We are your tomorrow”: 19 poäng
  11. Lisa Ajax – ”My heart wants me dead”: 14 poäng
  12. Samir & Viktor – ”Bada nakna”: 10 poäng

OBS! Dessa poäng, och alla motiveringar, är alltså från Poplights Internationella Jury och är inte densamma som den internationella jury som kommer att vara i finalen av Melodifestivalen 2016.

(c) Jonatan Staaf, Poplight

(c) Jonatan Staaf, Poplight